Should The New York Giants Bench David Diehl?

By jason evans

A few weeks ago, the New York Giants were all smiles and were talked about among the NFL’s elite. Now, having played terribly in the past 10 quarters the team literally and figuratively limps into their bye week at 6-4. At this point, the Giants are lucky to be in a division with two teams who may have new leaders at head coach next year, and one team that has openly said they are already evaluating for next season. Yes, it’s the NFL, where what you see in October doesn’t hold in late December.

The Giants are going to have to make some adjustments after the bye week if they are going to try and get to where they were last year. I think one of those adjustments could be to sit David Diehl and put Sean Locklear back in the right tackle spot.

When Locklear subbed for Diehl when he had his knee injury, the Giants were running all over teams and Eli Manning had a clean pocket to throw from. Manning has been sacked as many times in the past two games as he had been in the first eight. The Giants really haven’t had any running success in those games, either.

Diehl has been a versatile player for the Giants and played wherever the Giants have asked him to. However, the Cincinnati Bengals defensive line abused Diehl in their last game. Tom Coughlin has been a very loyal coach to his guys who have been there for him and this includes Diehl. Sometimes guys get old and I think at this point, it may be a good idea to make the switch back. I’m not blaming Diehl for the Giants’ problems, however, this adjustment may help the offense.

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