Mike Tannenbaum Should Be on the Hot Seat

By ryanvanhoover
USPRESSWIRE- Brian Spurlock

The New York Jets offense is a sinking ship and the person that should go down with the sinking ship is Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum., who has completely neglected the needs of this team offense and has been relying on underachieving talent that he acquired.

It all starts at the quarterback position. After two seasons, it looked like quarterback Mark Sanchez was going to be the franchise quarterback, but the last two years he has really regressed and this past off-season Tannenbaum failed to bring in a competent quarterback to compete with Sanchez. He did acquire Tim Tebow, but he was brought in for a gimmick Wildcat offense that the Jets run terribly. Tebow can’t get on the field because they know he can’t play. The Jets are going to have to find another quarterback to groom and they will have to go through the growing pains of a young quarterback.

The skill position players have been non-existent. The only play maker the Jets had on offense going into the season was wide receiver Santonio Holmes and he hurt his foot a month ago and is done for the season. The Jets don’t have another game breaking player that will scare a defense.

Their number one running back, Shonn Greene. is in his fourth season and I’m wondering what the Jets see in him because he’s not an every down running back. He is non-existent when he runs the ball and doesn’t threat a defense. The Jets failed to bring in a running back to challenge him.

Their tight end Dustin Keller has been with the Jets since they traded up in the 1st round in 2008 to get him and all you hear is about his potential, but the bottom line is he is a force in one game and then disappears for 5 games its time to start to step up. It gets annoying when you hear about a players potential for a few years its time to show you are the player the team thought you were. Without decent skills players there is only so much you can do.

I realize the Jets like to do the ground and pound approach, but if you don’t acquire the players to run you offense how can you expect them to compete. The Jets have basically the same players on offense that they had when they went to 2 straight AFC Championship games.

Tannenbaum thought the offense would get better this year and didn’t bother to acquire other players, but he was dead wrong. That is why he should get more heat than coach Rex Ryan. The coach will coach his players, but the general manager picks the players and the players that have been picked are not good enough.

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