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Top 5 Jerry Jones Quotes Of All-Time

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Top 5 Quotes From Jerry Jones

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A few weeks ago Jerry Jones made a statement that not many Dallas Cowboys fans could agree with, he said he believes the Cowboys are “evolving into a team that can compete for the championship’’ this season. And this was when the Cowboys were 2-3 and coming off a two game losing streak. Since then, not much has changed, as a matter of fact; the Cowboys are still a game under .500.

I’m guessing not many football fans could believe Jones’ statement either and they were probably laughing at yet another of the many Jerry Jones quotes they could laugh at. It also got me to thinking, yes I do that occasionally, and how many more memorable quotes has Jones thrown out there? We’ve all heard them and there are probably so many that we’ve forgotten more than we can remember. However, I’m here to countdown the top 5 best quotes from Jerry Jones. They can range from the moronic, to the outright dumb, but each of them came straight from the horse’s mouth.

I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan but I’m also a sports fan and I could probably name five quotes from Jones just this past week but then you would be sitting there reading quotes for days upon days and I’m sure you’ve got work to do. So I’ve done a few days of looking up and remembering the best Jerry-isms there are, so without further ado, I give you the Top 5 Jerry Jones quotes of all-time! Enjoy!

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5: Marion Barber's Toe

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Number 5: In 2008, Jones spoke about Marion Barber’s injured toe saying, "He can play with that injured toe," Jones said. "He can play with the soreness and a combination of those things. I see nothing that led us to believe he couldn’t."

Barber sat out the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jones also felt Barber should have braced or wrapped his toe up and played. Barber was widely known as one of the Cowboys toughest players and questioning his manhood was completely out of bounds.

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4. 500 Coaches


Number 4: After winning his second of back to back Super Bowl as Owner and “GM” of the Cowboys Jones went on to speak this gem, "any one of 500 coaches could have won those Super Bowls."

This is one of my favorites because since it’s widely believed that Jimmy Johnson had more to do with the drafting and acquiring of talent than Jones did. Jones definitely thought he was right after the Cowboys won a third Super Bowl with Barry Switzer at the helm but that team was more about the players still left over from the Johnson era than the coach. Since that Super Bowl, 2 playoff wins in 17 years and zero championships. One question Mr. Jones, why haven’t you hired any of those 500 coaches?

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3. Bill Parcells Builds Jerry A Stadium


Number 3: After having a few cocktails Jerry Jones let the Bill Parcells cat out of the bag saying Parcells wasn’t “worth a (crap), but I wanted, they were on my (butt) so bad. J's gotta have a yes man. So to get this (bleepin') stadium, I need to bring his (butt) in.”

Everywhere you see parenthesis in that quote, you can figure out there was an expletive. Jones apologized and said he wasn’t serious the next day but it seems clear whether you believe Jones or not, that getting a new stadium had more to do with Bill Parcells being the coach than Jones having trust in Parcells. Jerry Jones swallowed his pride to make millions with a new attraction, and he wonders why we don’t think he’s a good GM?

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2. Jerry Jones Is GM For Life

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Number 2: Speaking to the Dallas Morning News. “We didn’t structure it that way with my ownership. There’s no way that I would be involved here and not be the final decision-maker on something as important as players, and that is a key area. That’s never been anybody’s misunderstanding. It’s been a debated thing, but it’s just not going to happen.”

Of course, this is the most delusional thing Jerry Jones has ever said. He still feels the best system for success is with him as the GM and ultimate decision maker. We all know that’s ridiculous but as he points out, that will never change. It’s also why he hasn’t sniffed a Super Bowl in 17 years.

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1. Glory Holes

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Number 1: “I’ve been here 23 years. I’ve been here when it was glory hole days and when it wasn’t. I want me some glory hole!”

This one takes the Jerry Jones quote cake! He was talking to reporters at the beginning of training camp when this little gem popped out and no matter how anyone tried to spin it, the damage had been done. He may have said more delusional things but I find it very hard to believe any quote will ever top this one!