Anonymous Jets Players Rip QB Tim Tebow To Press

By Riley Schmitt

Tim Tebow continues to be one of the most polarizing athletes ever. The New York Jets are in a terrible funk right now and there have been calls to bench Mark Sanchez and start Tebow. However, it does not look like Tebow has the support of his locker room, as some players have ripped him to the press.

Although this does not come as much of a shock, it still should bother some people.  One, I hate players that say something, but do not put their name to it.  If you are going to say something about a teammate, at least be man enough to own it.  Otherwise, why are you talking to the press?

Secondly, I agree that Tebow is not that good of a quarterback.  However, he has some weird magic that allows him to win football games.  No one can really explain it but the Jets are at a loss right now.  They should at least try Tebow to see if that can help save their season.  It may already be too late, but trying never hurt anybody.

I would bet money that we see Tebow start a game before the season is over.  Sanchez is simply horrible and the dynamic with him and Tebow is just not good.  Give Tebow a start and see what happens.  If he tanks, you can send him right back to the bench.  If he ends up leading a victory, then you have something to build on.  Looks like a win-win situation to me.


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