Cris Carter: Tom Coughlin To Blame For Struggles

By Andrew Lecointe
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

Former NFL player and current ESPN football analyst Cris Carter was a guest on ESPN radio yesterday morning. When asked about the usual New York Giants struggles in the month of November, Carter said head coach Tom Coughlin is to blame because his program is “taxing mentally and physically.”

Giants DE Osi Umenyiora decided to offer his assessment of Carter’s comments and it was not in favor of Carter. “I think Cris Carter doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Umenyiora stated. “He hasn’t been in our locker room.”

This is generally an answer you would expect from a player when someone makes a statement about their beloved head coach. However, Coughlin has been the coach since 2004 and the evidence suggests Coughlin has to be a major reason why the Giants don’t play as well in November.

Does Carter have a point in his assessment of the situation? Sure. I do believe Umenyiora made the best point though. Umenyiora said Carter is placing blame on Coughlin for how Coughlin was roughly 15 years ago. Coughlin’s hard-nosed, gritty attitude with his players will follow him around forever.

As evidenced in the NFL Network program A Football Life about Coughlin, he has changed some of his methods to be more understanding of his players. His players have obviously appreciated and accepted his change, and it has resulted in success.

Coughlin will still yell from the sidelines and his face will turn bright red after every turnover. He has corrected the little things and his caring of the players, their families and their lives  is the primary reason for the two Super Bowls. I don’t believe this slump is attributed to Coughlin at all.


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