Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware Proves He's More Than Just A Star Football Player

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

When people think of athletes, they tend to just think about what they do on the field, court or even ice. However, there are always players who go above and beyond their sports and who are great people as well. Count Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware among that group.

We’ve probably all heard stories about athletes and famous people donating their time, money and effort during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and those efforts are always around during the holidays as well. In the wake of all these well known tragedies, some of the smaller stories sometimes get lost.

That was the case a few months ago when DeMarcus Ware helped out a family who had lost their home in a fire. According to Brandon George of dallasnews.com, on September 3, the Trevino family from Hutchins, Texas lost everything when they awoke to their house being consumed by flames. Luckily all four people inside the house were able to escape alive, but the family dog died in the fire.

When Ware learned about the tragedy from a friend, he bought clothes, blankets and toys for entire Trevino family. “It was overwhelming, just overwhelming,” Jo Anne Trevino said of Ware’s generosity. “I have on pants right now that he bought me…And DeMarcus Ware doesn’t know who we are. There were no ulterior motives, nothing but out of the kindness of his heart that he did that for us.”

Since that day, Trevino has been trying to find a way to get in touch with Ware and thank him. Yesterday it finally happened when she finally caught up with Ware at a local high school and thanked him.

Here is what Ware had to say about helping someone in need, “Sometimes in life you have opportunities to sort of spread your wealth and things aren’t as important to you but they can be very important to somebody else and that’s what is so good about the gift of giving. It’s not about what you have but the memories you can make with what you’ve got.”

Every Cowboys fan should be proud of what Ware has done on the field, but even prouder of the type of person he is off of it.

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