Houston Texans Tim Dobbins Receives $30,000 Fine for Hit on Jay Cutler


Cheap shot artist and scumbag Tim Dobbins of the Houston Texans received a $30,000 fine for his blatant cheap shot on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. As seen on the video below, Dobbins hits Cutler clearly after he releases the football and with malicious intent. Dobbins claims that Cutler ran into him, but perhaps Dobbins was intoxicated at the time of the interview.

I wrote an open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and asked him to start taking these kind of hits more seriously (here). If guys like Dobbins are allowed to take running leaps at players’ heads, then the concussion issues will continue to be a problem. While obviously football is a violent game, guys need to be more than just fined for their actions. Hits like this should be a mandatory suspension. Even in the lead image of this piece, you can see Dobbins tackling the head of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder.

I am not going off on Dobbins as a Bears fan, although there is probably some bias on my part. This is more coming from a person that loves football and recognizes that there’s a real issue with guys being permanently damaged because of a lack of player accountability. We all love seeing the big hits, and I totally understand that these are a part of the game, but when a defenseless player gets hit in a totally violent and head-hunting fashion, we will continue to see guys’ lives totally destroyed. Dobbins went for Cutler’s head, and it is something that the league needs to take more seriously.

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