How the Roethlisberger Injury affects the Dallas Cowboys

By Jesus Flores


The Dallas Cowboys should have learned a lesson the first time Tony Romo got his collarbone broken, but it seems they haven’t.

Protecting the quarterback should be one of, if not, the top priority, and in case they need more proof, just look at what happened Monday night to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers had gotten by with mediocre offensive linemen and now it has finally bitten them in the rear.

They had gotten by on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s escape-ability, but now reports are surfacing that he may be out for quite some time with shoulder and rib injuries.  Although coach Mike Tomlin isn’t saying much, you know it has to be pretty serious when your quarterback gets rushed to a local area hospital after jogging off the field in pain.

If the quarterback is the most valued position on the team why are his linemen, not the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth most valuable players on the team?

Let’s face it Romo isn’t getting any younger, and his mobility isn’t going to be around forever, especially when the “improved offensive line” gives up three sacks to a mediocre Philadelphia Eagles defense, which only had 11 sacks to begin with.

My point is this; the owner/general manager has to get some quality linemen in there if this team is to take the next step towards becoming championship contenders.  I’ve never seen a quarterback complete a pass off of his back, and if the line doesn’t start blocking like their life depends on it, well he may not be completing passes at all.

The Steelers could be without their two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback when they play the Cowboys on Dec. 16.  All of a sudden the back end of the schedule could be against a bunch of teams without winning records; games which the Cowboys could already not afford to lose.

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