Jason McCourty Learned from Charles Tillman during Week 9

By Stephanie Umek
Jason McCourty and Reggie Bush

One of the most impressive things that I find with professional athletes is their ability to recognize one another for a job well done. Even in situations where teams of rivalry are matched up and one athlete acknowledges a good play by an opponent.

This situation happened during week nine when the Tennessee Titans met up with the Chicago Bears in Nashville. Titans cornerback Jason McCourty knew he had his money cut out for him with a player like Charles Tillman on the other side of the line.

He didn’t look at it as a horrible experience though, referring to the 51-20 blowout that the Bears handed the Titans. He actually took away a lot of tips from that game. Tillman had four forced fumbles that game, which was a career high for him.

McCourty told the media earlier this week that he was taking notes all throughout the game. “As a football fan, you watch Tillman all the time and he is so good at it,” McCourty said. “If you get a chance as a defensive back to get the ball out, you have to go for it.”

This past week against the Miami Dolphins McCourty made sure to go over the mental notes that he made to himself from week nine. He stripped Reggie Bush of the football like the professional that he is. Bush was eventually benched for a long period of time and finished the game with only four carries and a total of 21 yards.

When you see an athlete turn something so “devastating” into a learning experience it really lets fans know the side where he is coming from. There is always room for improvement. You may not be the best, but you can learn from those who are better and when you initiate properly, the end result is positive.

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