Jonathan Martin vs Mario Williams

By Craig Ballard
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

On Thursday the Miami Dolphins take on the Buffalo Bills as they try to square their record at 5-5. This article is a look at what is sure to be a key match-up as new Bills DE Mario Williams will take on new (rookie) Dolphins RT Jonathan Martin. (Detailed game preview is RIGHT HERE)

The Bills gave Williams a massive 6 year contract this off-season worth just under $100 million bucks (yikes…unreal coin). His Bills career got off to a slow start, but it was revealed recently that he was playing the first 7 weeks with a busted left wrist. He has since had surgery and Bills fans hope he can get back to his potential.

Williams has 4.5 sacks this season, but he lines up vs Martin this week. Williams vs a struggling rookie could get ugly. RG John Jerry has forced his QB to hurry a throw 9 times in 2012. That should stand out as the most on the team, but Martin has forced a hurried pass a whopping 24 times (yikes).

Martin is getting beat by speed rushers time and time again. Ryan Tannehill is a righty so when DEs beat Martin off the snap Tannehill can see that right away and he has been forced to hurry passes way too often. A major criticism for this Dolphins offense is that they do not accomplish anything deep. Easy to see why as the deep patterns do not have time to develop with guys like Martin getting beat so regularly.

In his career vs the ‘Phins Williams has 4.5 sacks per game, and his team is 4-0 vs Miami. Averaging 1 sack per game vs Miami is better than Williams has done vs any team that he has played more than once.

Williams grades out as a fairly good run defender. Miami is looking to get their passing game and their running game going, but things to the right may not be available because this match-up could really favor Buffalo (on paper at least).

Martin is the only o-line starter that grades negatively vs the run, and he grades horribly vs the pass. Many Miami fans would like to see more of rookie RB Lamar Miller but he has struggled in pass-protection. Having Martin get beat so often means that a guy like Daniel Thomas is the preferred RB because he is much better at helping out in pass protection.

Buffalo is 2-1 when Williams drops the QB, but 1-5 when he does not get a sack. This is a key match-up.

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