New York Jets Defense Needs Change

By ryanvanhoover
USPRESSWIRE- The Star-Ledger

A lot has been made about the New York Jets offense and how they need to make major changes after the season. If you watch the Jets play they also need to make changes on defense as well. I realize the Jets are playing this season without their best defensive player in Darrelle Revis, but when your best defensive player is a corner back there is a problem. A cornerback can only do so much besides cover the opposing team’s best receiver. Besides when players go down with injuries you need to have quality players to back them up and the Jets have fallen short in this department.

The Jets front seven is getting run on by opposing offenses and their pass rush is non existent. The question is where are the difference makers in the front seven. Linebacker David Harris is a good player, but you don’t see him making a lot of plays. The same goes for linebacker Bart Scott; if he could play like he talks then the Jets might have the best linebacker in the game. Scott does lot of talking, but doesn’t seem to back it up on the field.

The Jets have rookie Quintin Coples, but they have to figure out is he a defensive lineman or an outside linebacker. He was a good player in college, but he has to pick it up the rest of the year and next year to show the Jets they were right by drafting him in the first round. You must have a good front seven to do well on defense and not just rely on blitzing. The Jets need players to win the one-on-one battles to get to the quarterback and make tackles.

The secondary is a different story. They are missing Revis, who is arguably the best cornerback in football, but with him out other have to step up. Antonio Cromartie hasn’t been making plays since the Jets acquired him a couple of years ago. He guaranteed the Jets would make the playoffs last week. If he makes statements like that he has to step up his play. Kyle Wilson is in his 3rd year and is improving, but he has ways to go to becoming a Revis. The rest of the secondary is fine they just need to find a couple of more players for depth when players like Revis go down so they don’t miss a beat.

The Jets like to have a blitzing and attacking defense to give opponents nightmares. The problem is if you don’t have the players to make the game changing plays, there is only so much you can do.

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