NFL Rumors: Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, or Ricky Stanzi?

By Christopher Gamble

All NFL rumors around the Kansas City Chiefs these days revolve around their quarterback position and Romeo Crennel’s inability to choose between Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn. In fact, third-string quarterback Ricky Stanzi is even in the mix at times with Crennel.

With all reports showing that Quinn is slated to come back from his concussion there is a high probability that Crennel will go back to Quinn despite Cassel playing moderately well against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football. Everyone will remember the interception in overtime and not the fact that Cassel, and the Chiefs defense, had the Chiefs in a position to win. Cassel also wasn’t helped out by stupid penalties, including one that brought back what would have been a game-winning touchdown or all of the drops by his wide receivers and tight ends.

I wrote earlier this year that Cassel represents the Chiefs best option to win. Nothing has changed. Cassel is still better than Brady Quinn and it isn’t even close. I know Chiefs fans are sick of Cassel and many are hoping the team’s fortunes would turn around with a quarterback change but the Chiefs problems are just relegated to poor quarterback play.

There is no reason to switch from Cassel to Quinn. One could make the case for Ricky Stanzi if for no other reason than to see what the 2011 fifth round pick out of Iowa has to offer. Right now the Chiefs aren’t going anywhere and if Crennel is actually going to be the coach beyond this season, an unlikely proposition at this point, he might as well see what Stanzi offers in a game.

If not, then he should stick with Cassel because the only thing Quinn has shown he can do is get hurt. Cassel is the best option to win and Stanzi is just an option for the future, it is up to Crennel to choose between the two but Quinn should no longer be an option.


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