NFL Says Trindon Holliday's Punt Return For Touchdown Should've Been Touchback

By Mark Stringer
Bob Donnan – US Presswire

The NFL released a statement that said Trindon Holliday’s 76-yard punt return TD for the Denver Broncos should have been reviewed and ruled a touchback. The return was made Sunday during the Broncos’ win over the Carolina Panthers in a game that Denver dominated from start to finish, but if the play had been reviewed correctly this play would and should have been ruled a touchback.

On this play, Holliday flicked the ball out of his hands before he crossed the goal line and therefore should have been ruled a touchback and the Panthers would have been awarded the ball on their 20-yard line.

If the replay official would have stopped play to review the score like they are supposed to do on every scoring play, then the referee would have had all the visual evidence to overturn the call on the field and award the touchback to the Panthers.

Broncos head coach John Fox has already address the issue with Holliday and the team seeks to prevent all premature celebrations in the future. The rule now is to score a touchdown and bring the ball to the coach.

I hope the issue has been handled because something like this could kill a team during a playoff run on their way to a Super Bowl. It’s too late for the ruling to change now, but you can bet the league won’t miss it if it happens again.


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