Nick Foles vs. Michael Vick: Which Philadelphia Eagles QB is the Better Fantasy Football Starter?

By Joe Doris
Jennifer Stewart-US Presswire

The news of Nick Foles likely becoming the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback for Week 11 against the Washington Redskins, and probably the rest of the season, is not only important to Philly fans, but it is incredibly meaningful to fantasy football ‘coaches’ throughout the nation.

When the Eagles’ supposed franchise QB, Michael Vick, went down with a concussion in Week 10 against the Dallas Cowboys, millions of fantasy football teams were directly affected. Not only just last week, when his early exit caused a minimal point tally, but for the remaining 7 weeks of the season as well.

Although Vick has received plenty of criticism this year for his turnovers and lack of passing production, he was still a very consistent fantasy player all year long.

When it comes to fantasy football, owning a quarterback that can put up rushing numbers as well as passing numbers is greatly beneficial to a team. This is because even if the QB commits turnovers, his rushing yardage usually makes up for the negative point tallies.

While Foles is not a complete statue in the pocket, he is not going to put up gaudy rushing numbers by any means.

A relatively laughable statistic regarding Foles is that he generated a total of negative 290 rushing yards during his 3-year career at the University of Arizona. These stats are of course skewed by the fact that sacks are registered as negative rushing yardage in college football, while sacks are only registered as negative team passing yardage in the NFL.

Foles did total 4 rushing touchdowns in his college career, with 3 coming in his first year at Arizona, and zero coming in his final collegiate season.

So the question is, who is the more desirable fantasy football QB? Foles or Vick?

Even though Foles will probably commit fewer turnovers than Vick, and likely rack up more passing yardage, I still see Vick as a better week by week fantasy quarterback. Those 40+ rushing yards per week that Vick generates are at least an extra 4 points in most fantasy football leagues, and prove to be huge in the final score every week.

But even though Vick put up decent fantasy numbers this season, he did not do nearly enough to lead any team into the playoffs on his shirt tail.

So while Foles is not at the elite status, I urge Vick owners to pick up the rookie handcuff, as he is certainly a worthy starting QB in most fantasy football formats.


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