Osi Umenyiora Fires Back at Cris Carter

By Christopher Gamble



Osi Umenyiora and Cris Carter took to the airwaves to have a little back and forth about the fortunes of the New York Giants.  The Giants’ second half swoons have become infamous around the NFL.  Nowadays it seems everyone has an opinion on the matter but it seems ESPN analyst Cris Carter’s opinion might have angered Osi Umenyiora.

Carter went on ESPN radio on Tuesday morning and said, “Tom Coughlin runs a very tough program.  I believe it’s very taxing, both mentally and physically.  I believe they get a good start with the fundamentals because they’re well-coached, I believe that system is taxing on your body and they go through a lull in the season.  I believe because it is such a good football team, collection of talent and organization they get it back together at the end of the season when it’s time to potentially make a playoff run.”

Umenyiora fired back at Carter.  “I think Cris Carter doesn’t know what he’s talking about,’’ Osi Umenyiora said Tuesday afternoon on 1050 ESPN Radio.  “He hasn’t been in our locker room, he doesn’t know anything about our culture or the way coach Coughlin coaches now.  I mean, he’s probably going off the reputation that was probably 15 years ago.

“There’s nothing tough about what it is that we do. We practice in shells most of the time, practices aren’t hard, they’re not even long so physically I think we’re ready.  I think mentally is where we’re getting beat, we’re not getting beat physically.”

Umenyiora might have a point here.  Carter doesn’t hang around the Giants’ practice facility.  He doesn’t see how Coughlin interacts with his players and he probably is basing a lot of his opinion based on the old reputation of Coughlin.

Umenyiora also went on to ask if it were more important to win in November or struggle a little in November and win Super Bowls.

Umenyiora has never shied away from telling people what was on his mind.  Sometimes he speaks foolishly but sometimes he has a point.


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