Should The New York Giants Give Andre Brown More Carries?

By jason evans



The New York Giants are in the midst of their bye week. The team will look to re-calculate and evaluate what they should do during their final six games and whether or not they need to do really do anything. One possible move could be to give Andre Brown some more time out of the backfield.

Brown, in his limited opportunities, has run well throughout this season. While first-round pick David Wilson has been in the doghouse throughout the year, Brown has stepped up as the backup for Ahmad Bradshaw. Brown ran for 113 yards in the Giants week three win against the Carolina Panthers. He’s also been very good on the goal-line, running for a team high seven touchdowns.

Bradshaw has been struggling as of late. Whether it’s due to injury or the offensive line is up for debate, however, Brown has been playing better of late, and may even be the most effective offensive player they have in the past couple of games.

When the Giants win, they run the ball and they run it effectively. The Giants need to get back to that kind of philosophy. There have been rumors of Eli Manning having a tired arm and a way that they can help him out is to run the ball better.

The Giants are going to need more production out of their running game if they are going to have success. One way that they could do that is give Brown some more time out of the backfield. He’s a little fresher than Bradshaw is and it could make both more effective down the stretch.



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