St. Louis Rams Suggestion Box: Week 11

By Anthony Blake
Jeff Fisher - St. Louis Rams

This is going to be a new weekly segment here for the St. Louis Rams called the suggestion box where we drop not so subtle hints to the team and coaching staff on how they should be conducting business on a regular basis. The inspiration for this was Head Coach Jeff Fisher’s motivational ploy on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers and hopefully there is more of this to come.

Unexplained rules violations led to rookies Chris Givens and Janoris Jenkins being benched and forced to run the stairs at Candlestick Park as punishment. This type of disciplinarian approach is something that is seldom seen in today’s NFL, but could be especially effective on a team filled with young players not yet adapted to the way of life in the league. Their collegiate mentality is still fresh and those methods would be particularly impactful for the youth on the team.

What exactly this did for the squad remains a mystery, but something spurred on a toe-to-toe fight with the 49ers and my guess is that the positive motivation from this was the cause. This tactic shows that the team needs to take more responsibility for their actions and the only person responsible for you IS you.

Where the suggestion portion of this comes in is regarding the dozen penalties that the Rams compiled during their tie with the Niners. What Fisher should implement now is that running stairs will be a mandatory punishment for each pre-snap penalty that the team commits. This would be a humiliating reprimand for grown men and force them to pay more attention to the details in future weeks.

Hopefully this suggestion finds its way into coach Fisher’s office and he holds his team to higher standards moving forward. With a little more discipline both on and off the field, the Rams have a really bright future as a franchise.

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