Unnamed New York Jets Rip Tim Tebow

By Marc Jenkins
12 Unnamed Jets Players Rip Tim Tebow
Joe Nicholson-US Presswire

As a athlete on any level it’s always good and comforting to know that when things aren’t going well and seem bleak that your teammates have your back. Well unfortunately for New York Jets backup quarterback extraordinaire Tim Tebow there at least 12 members of his team that not only don’t have his back but also believe that he is just simply no good at all.

12 members of the Jets who spoke under conditions of anonymity to the New York Daily News said that not only did they think that Tebow was not very good but that he hasn’t made any improvements in his quarterback skills since the Jets acquired him from the Denver Broncos for a pair of draft picks (fourth and sixth round) in March.  One defensive starter went as far as to say “He’s terrible.”

The Jets feel that without question Mark Sanchez is their best option at the quarterback position to win games for them however the reason they haven’t been doing much winning is because of the options that Sanchez has and the play calling. One team official told the Daily News that the options which Sanchez has to throw to in the passing game are “garbage” while a another team source said “I’ve seen better receiving corps in college than we have on our team.”

One Jets player was asked by the newspaper if they could turn their season around by changing their offense to a zone-read system which would enhance Tebow’s strengths as a player responded emphatically with “We can’t win running that s—!”

The Jets take their dismal 3-6 record into the Edward James Dome this week to take on the 3-5-1 St. Louis Rams who are coming off of the league’s first tie game in four seasons.

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