Washington Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall Fined $30,000 for Incident with Official

By Greg Bradshaw

Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall was fined $30,000 by the NFL for an altercation involving an official. The altercation occurred during the Redskins 27-12 Week Eight road loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Hall felt that Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders pulled him to the ground during a running play.

No penalty was assessed on Sanders. Incensed, Hall took his helmet off and berated the official. He was assessed a pair of fifteen yard personal foul penalties. He was also ejected from the contest, with the outcome already decided.

Hall maintained the official escalated the altercation by retaliating verbally instead of walking away. In retrospect, he really needs to show better restraint and avoid situations like this. It’s understandable that Hall was frustrated with his team’s performance up to that point. However, he and his teammates had four quarters to decide the outcome of the game.  Plus, Hall has a history of self-promoting behavior that has earned himself the derisive nickname “MeAngelo”.

Fans will never know what really happened between Hall and the official. If the official did initiate the altercation, he should be fined as well. Maybe Hall’s reputation preceded him regarding league reprimand for the incident. Luckily for Hall, he wasn’t suspended for at the very least Washington’s Week 11 game with the Philadelphia Eagles.

It probably wouldn’t have mattered. Hall has been routinely beaten in pass defense by a myriad of opposing receivers. Maybe his absence would have strengthened Washington’s pass defense. In any event, Hall and the Redskins need to put this incident behind them and get ready for their home game against Philadelphia. If the Redskins defeat the Eagles, it would put an end to Washington’s three game losing streak.

It would also make the incident a distant memory.


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