5 Reason Why I Don’t Like Thursday Night Football

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5 Reasons Why I Don't like Thursday Night Football


The Thursday night football game is upon us tonight and I’m sure football fans everywhere will be watching, especially those fans of the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins. The past few years have seen an increase in the Thursday night schedule and in 2012 the NFL decided to expand the slate of games to the entire season. No longer would we be getting just six NFL Thursday’s, but 17! As a football fan I was ecstatic over the prospect of getting more NFL action spread out over the entire season.

However, after the first few weeks of this season, I have changed my tune. Nobody loves the National Football League more than I do but I cannot get behind this new schedule where every Thursday night there is a game. Of course it is likely to stay now since the NFL Network paid tons and tons money for the right s to this game but I wish it would go away until later in the season. If it were up to me, I’d start it on the Thursday of Thanksgiving and go on from there. That’s right; a guy who loves football as much as anything would like to see less days of football on the schedule.

Here are the top 5 reasons I would like to see Thursday night football return to its place, after Thanksgiving. I’m not sure who will agree with me but I’m hoping that one day, the NFL may realize that there can be a fine line between just enough and too much. For me, Thursday night football is that line.

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5. It's Hypocritical


Number 5: It’s hypocritical. The NFL continues to say how they’re trying to make the game safer, yet for some players they have to go out and play on short rest. Most players say they are sore for at least two or three days after a game on Sunday, so how does playing three short days help the health of the players? No, I’m not an NFL player and I’m not overly concerned about the athletes, but then again, I’m not screaming that I am. The NFL is; they are the one’s saying they’re trying to make the game safer but their actions speak otherwise. It’s very simple to me, the games are better when each team has its healthiest players on the field and by playing on Thursday’s for the entire year, the odds of that happening decrease.

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4. It's Feels Rushed

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Number 4: It feels rushed. I feel like every day has a feel to it and its very true for Thursday. When you break down your week, it just feels like the NFL games for the week have just ended and the yet a few days later, here comes another game. We get a full slate of games on Sunday, then Monday comes with the traditional Monday night football and then just 2 short days later, we get more NFL action. I don’t know about you but I like the anticipation of the weekend and a full schedule of games for Sunday! You know what they say about absence, don’t you?

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3. Bad Games


Number 3: Bad Matchups. It seems to me the games put on Thursday night aren’t always the best matchups we could watch. I know it’s difficult to anticipate who the best teams are going to be at the start of every year because rarely does it all play out the way we think. However, think back to yourself and tell me the really good Thursday night matchup from this year? If it takes you more than five seconds you’re not alone. Sure, there has been an interesting matchup or two but overall, the slate of games hasn’t been great. The NFL assumes, correctly, that we’ll watch anything they put on because it’s football. Actually, that’s true but I’d still like to see better games.

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2. It Hurts Fantasy Football Players


Number 2: It hurts fantasy football. The quick turnaround for all of us fantasy players isn’t great. We have to consider playing lesser players because of the injury status of players who don’t play until Sunday and we feel like it hamstrings our decisions. Fantasy football is about matchups, numbers and playing the odds. There is less time to do those things and analyze our rosters when Thursday rolls around. I like to take my time and make a smart decision and not have to rush setting my lineup because I need to take the sure 5 points from a decent player, rather than score 15 points from a great player because of his injury status.

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1. Sunday Tradition


Number 1: Tradition. Yes, I’m a bit of a traditionalist and I’ll admit I always look forward to football Sunday’s. I love the feeling of waking up and knowing I’ll be able to watch football all day; it’s a perfect day for me and I only get 21 of them a year, counting the playoffs, so I liked them the way they were. I’m all for the annual Thanksgiving games because it’s tradition but I’m not as much of a fan for having games on Thursday for the heck of it. There’s something special about football Sunday, it just feels right.