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Brian Urlacher Is Completely Wrong

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It’s very difficult for me to go after one-of-my favorite Chicago Bears, but Brian Urlacher is completely off-base with his comments today regarding concussions.

To paraphrase, Urlacher suggested that he’d fake his way through a concussion and players need to understand the risks of playing football. I’ll somewhat agree with the second part, but the first part is downright stupid. Considering what we’re learning about the long-term ramifications of concussions, to suggest that you’d not take every precaution regardless of how macho one would want to appear.

Look no further than the recent suicides of Dave Duerson and Junior Seau. Duerson was a very successful person that lost everything and Seau was one of the league’s premier stars. While these are the two extreme examples, it should be an example of how far this damage can go. For Urlacher to suggest that you’d fake your way through an evaluation is the wrong message for everyone playing football.

There’s a difference between a bruise and a head injury. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not present. And I’d hope Urlacher as well as any player in football would set an example for the football world. This is a critical time in the NFL and its players need to be out in front of head injuries.

It still makes me cringe to think of players being knocked out cold and returning two plays later. How many players are in a vegetative state because they played through head injuries? Let’s hope Urlacher isn’t one of the unfortunate ones.

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