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Cowboys vs Browns NFL Week 11 Preview

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5 Keys For Dallas Cowboys Gaining A Victory


The Dallas Cowboys are looking to put together their first winning streak of the season this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. You read that right, a team that is now being talked about as a possible division champion, has won a grand total of 4 games this season and have yet to win back-to-back games. A win streak would be nice before the playoff chatter began but things don’t work that way in Dallas so here’s to hoping the Cowboys don’t lose this weekend and get egg all over their faces.

There are reasons to worry about a Browns team that has been very competitive throughout the year. For starters, they are coming in off of a bye and as we saw last week, those teams tend to be dangerous. The Cowboys have also made a habit out of playing well one week, only to stink it up the next. The opening two weeks of the season are proof enough of that. Dallas and their fans have not exactly done much to be taking any team lightly. The Cowboys have been playing some of the tougher opponents in the league and sometimes that takes some energy out of you, which is exactly what the Cowboys don’t need against a rested team.

So here are the 5 keys to the Dallas Cowboys going on their first winning streak of the year. If they do these key things, they should have no problems taking care of business against the Cleveland Browns. Here are the things the Cowboys need to do:

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5: Bring Energy


Number 5: The Dallas Cowboys need to bring energy. In the past few weeks the Cowboys have been playing division rivals and some of the better teams in the league. Preparing for those games can take their toll on a team and there can be a letdown. The Cowboys cannot afford to not be ready to play against the Browns. Cleveland is coming off their bye week and Trent Richardson is one of the toughest running backs in the game, if the Cowboys come out flat, the Browns will run them over. Dallas needs to bring the same energy and focus they have been the past few weeks.

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4: Stop Trent Richardson


Number 4: Stop the run. Trent Richardson is just a rookie but he’s a fantastic running back who runs hard and catches the ball well out of the backfield. If the Cowboys can’t stop the run, they will be in for a long day. Richardson has been described as the toughest running back in the league to tackle so the Cowboys better be able to wrap up and make the tackle when they get a chance. Stopping Richardson also puts more pressure on the rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden, which will increase the Cowboys odds of winning this game.

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3: Play Smart Football

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Number 3: Avoid the penalties and mistakes. The Dallas Cowboys have committed 13 penalties four times this season and remarkably, their record is 3-1. That is not a winning trend though and the Cowboys know it. Dallas needs to cut down on the penalties and play smarter football. If they can do this, which includes running the right routes and not blowing coverages, they will win this game. The key to avoiding an upset is not to do things that help your opponents win the game. Heck, that’s the key to winning every game and the Cowboys need to be better at this. If they play smart football, avoid penalties and turnovers, the likelihood the Browns win the game are minimal.

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2: Pressure Brandon Weeden

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Number 2: Pressure. As always, the Cowboys need to pressure Brandon Weeden on defense and keep the pressure off Tony Romo on offense. At this point in the season it’s hard to call Weeden a rookie anymore but he isn’t a vet yet either. He’s still prone to the mistakes of a young quarterback and the Cowboys should capitalize on his inexperience by throwing some exotic blitzes at Weeden. The Dallas defense needs to pressure him into mistakes and cause some turnovers.

Obviously on offense the key is to keep pressure off of Tony Romo and allow him to carve up the Browns secondary. Joe Haden is a very good cornerback but he can be thrown on. The rest of the Browns defensive backfield should be no match for the Cowboys receivers. Give Romo time and the Cowboys passing game should be very good on Sunday.

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1: Run The Ball

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Number 1: Run the ball. The Browns defense can be run on, even they look like they are getting run stopper Rubin back this week. It shouldn’t matter, the Cowboys should be able to control the line of scrimmage and run the ball effectively. If they can do that it, it’ll keep the Browns defense guessing and will open up the passing lanes for Tony Romo. It also keeps the Browns best weapon, Trent Richardson, off the field. Doesn’t it make sense to keep your play makers on the field and keep theirs off? I thought so too.

If the Dallas Cowboys do these five key things, or most of them, they will have their win streak, a .500 record and some momentum heading down the stretch.