Criticism of Christian Ponder's Girlfriend Samantha Steele is Ridiculous

By Andrew Fisher

Heading into last weekend’s game, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder was feeling the heat from all sides. After several weeks of mediocre to bad play, the second-year signal caller had to step up and silence his critics. Ponder was able to do so, passing for 221 yards and two touchdowns without committing a turnover en route to a much-needed victory.

Along the way to last weekend’s important game, one of the things people kept bringing up was Ponder’s girlfriend Samantha Steele (an ESPN reporter). People were legitimately questioning if Steele was affecting Ponder’s performance on the field.

Isn’t that just the world we live in today? Yeah, that’s why Ponder is having trouble stepping up in the pocket and why he’s locking in on one receiver; it’s got to be his girlfriend. Give me a break.

Ponder gave a shout-out to his girl after the Vikings’ victory on Twitter:

I absolutely loved the response from Ponder, as it acted as the proverbial middle finger to his critics. They deserved much worse, but Ponder is a smart guy, and he’s not about to stoop to their level. The sarcastic tweet was perfect.

The dumbest thing of all is the fact that they’ve been dating since before the season even began, so that right there just shows how ridiculous the claims were.

I would think if anything having an attractive, high-profile girlfriend would help a quarterback’s confidence.

Ponder is what he is, a second-year quarterback that’s playing his way through standard growing pains that all young players experience. The girlfriend haters need to stop talking about irrelevant issues, and come up with some actual constructive criticism.

Maybe they’re just jealous?

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