For First Time Since 1973, There Were No Comebacks In The NFL Last Week

By Ben Grimaldi

The 1992-93 Buffalo Bills must be shaking their heads, along with Joe Montana and John Elway. The NFL is amazing game and anything can happen, including something that hasn’t occurred in the NFL since 1973. Last Sunday, for the first time in 39 years, there were no fourth quarter comebacks.

Let that sink in for a moment. No team losing in the fourth quarter came back to win a game! If you were good through three quarters, you were good enough to win the game. Unless you were in San Francisco, where nothing apparently happened.

Obviously, this was a rare occasion, and history tells us it isn’t likely to be duplicated soon, but here are a few games that made this statistic possible. In Philadelphia, the Dallas Cowboys were trailing the Philadelphia Eagles with just a few ticks left on the clock in the third quarter when Tony Romo took the snap and found Dez Bryant in the end zone for the diving catch. The quarter ran out, the play was reviewed and the catch was upheld. The touchdown catch was questionable but when the call stood, the game was tied after three quarters.

The St. Louis Rams led the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter only to have the Niners tie it late in the game. However, neither team scored in the overtime and the game ended in a tie, so there was no comeback there.

There was also no comeback in the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chiefs did rally to tie the game but the Steelers still won in overtime.

Football is a game of inches and it certainly seemed that way in New Orleans where the New Orleans Saints goal line stand held off a comeback from the Atlanta Falcons to spoil their perfect season. Meanwhile, the Bills rally in the fourth quarter, while not really what you’d call inches, was stopped by an interception late in the game with the Bills driving for the winning score against the New England Patriots.

Add all of these games up, along with the other nine games played last Sunday, and you’ve got one amazing stat. Maybe the NFL needs some form of a rally cap?

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