NFL Rumors: Is Ryan Fitzpatrick the Answer at QB for Buffalo Bills?

By Christopher Gamble

NFL rumors are starting to crop up around the Buffalo Bills and the future of the quarterback position and whether or not Ryan Fitzpatrick factors in to the discussion.

Fitzpatrick was given a nice contract extension at the mid-way point last season just before he went into a massive slump that brought him back to earth after a hot start.

This season, Fitzpatrick has been decent but hasn’t knocked anyone’s socks off with his play. He still has a tendency to turn the ball over but he also has the talent and ability to move an offense. Right now he is the best option for the Bills whether you like it or not.

The Bills could look into drafting a quarterback next season but there are few franchise quarterback types in the upcoming draft class.

The Bills invested in Fitzpatrick and he can be a decent quarterback in the NFL if he is given some decent weapons in the passing game. Stevie Johnson is a good receiver but after Johnson the Bills lack dependable targets that can get the job done on a consistent basis.

It would be interesting to see how the offense changes if the Bills were to obtain a receiver like Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe to play alongside Johnson. With the ground game the Bills feature it could make a ton of difference.

I’m not saying Fitzpatrick is an elite quarterback but he is the best option for the team at the current moment. Drafting a young quarterback might still be something to look into but don’t expect an Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin type to suddenly appear because there isn’t one in this draft class.

The Bills could certainly do a lot worse than Fitzpatrick so the Bills’ priority should be getting him weapons to throw to.

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