NFL WAGs: Top 10 Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Current NFL Players

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Let's face it: most guys love looking at pictures of attractive girls. Even if a guy tells you he doesn't, he's just trying to look good for someone or not get in trouble in front of his better half. Taking sports and adding hot girls? Now that makes it even better. Or worse. Jealousy definitely creeps in at some point when looking at these pictures, but nobody was ever hurt for living vicariously, right?

If for any reason you hate the players who are dating/married to these gorgeous women, you will undoubtedly have more reasons to hate them now. These are the hottest wives and girlfriends of current NFL players. How'd you like to come home to these beauties after a hard day's work.? It's not enough these guys make millions of dollars. No, they also have to snatch up all the hotties. Damn them.

I hope you have as much fun clicking through these pictures as I had discovering them. Fortunately, there were plenty to choose from. I can't imagine anyone has an issue with the list, but if I missed anyone feel free to comment below. Also, check out more of these articles in our Clubhouse section.

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Lacey Minchew - Matt Flynn


Matt Flynn may have been replaced by Russell Wilson despite signing a big contract, but I doubt he's got much to complain about when he goes home.

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Kristin Cavallari - Jay Cutler


I wonder if Kristin Cavallari ever sings "Cuttie Come Back" to him? Chicago Bears fans hope she can nurse him through this injury.

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Anna Burns - Wes Welker


Wes Welker is one of the best receivers in football, but how did a Texas Tech graduate snag this beauty? I guess catching 122 passes is cool.

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Hayden Panettiere - Scotty McKnight


I don't even know who Scotty McKnight is, and I'm pretty sure he got cut by the New York Jets. I don't care. Any reason to put Hayden Panettiere on this is good enough for me.

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Kelsi Reich - David Nelson


Kelsi Reich is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Do I need to say anything else?

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Jessie James - Eric Decker


Eric Decker is really coming into his own with the Denver Broncos. Might have something to do with being with this ridiculously hot country singer.

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Lauren Tannehill - Ryan Tannehill


Even without being in the NFL, Ryan Tannehill's wife Lauren Tannehill would still be famous. How many times did they show her in the stands at Texas A&M games? Too many to count.

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Candice Crawford - Tony Romo


Candice Crawford recently married Tony Romo; I guess he found a stopping point in the blonde Rolodex.

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Gisele Bundchen - Tom Brady


I have plenty of reasons to hate Tom Brady, but Gisele ranks close to the top of the list.

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Melissa Molinaro - Reggie Bush


Clearly Reggie Bush didn't take the breakup with Kim Kardashian too hard, but did he have to pick someone that looks almost EXACTLY like her? That's kinda weird, and totally awesome.

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