Rex Ryan Holds Team Meeting With New York Jets and Asks Who Criticized Tim Tebow--Nobody Responds

By Dan Parzych
(Steven Bisig/US PRESSWIRE)

As if the 2012 season hasn’t already been disappointing enough for the New York Jets, Rex Ryan has dealt with even more drama this week after he was forced to defend Tim Tebow after numerous teammates ripped the backup quarterback apart during a recent newspaper interview. What’s even worse–none of the players that made the comments to reporters are willing to man up and admit what they did.

Ryan held a team meeting on Wednesday and asked for the individual who made the comments about Tebow being a “terrible” quarterback to admit what they said–which none of the team members responded. Ryan has made it clear that he will defend Tebow as long as he’s on the team, but the fact that nobody was willing to admit what they did is nothing short of ridiculous.

It’s one thing to be frustrated over the way a specific teammate performs, but the fact that members of the Jets ripped Tebow and weren’t willing to identify themselves is nothing but disrespectful. One of the main rules about being part of a team is working together and having each other’s back–which is the complete opposite of what some of Tebow’s teammates did.

Say what you want about Tebow’s performance this season, but how can a player be judged when his playing time is limited compared to last season? It would be one thing to criticize Tebow if he were the starting quarterback over Mark Sanchez, but it’s unfair to judge Tebow when he’s only used a few times each game.

New York has every reason in the world to be frustrated over their disappointing 3-6 season–but there’s no reason for members of the team to criticize Tebow when the whole team is at fault.

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