Should The Philadelphia Eagles Get Rid of Andy Reid, Michael Vick?

By Emily Gruver
John David Mercer

As I was co-hosting a sports talk show, the host brought up a very interesting topic and that was: If you were the Philadelphia Eagles, would you get rid of Andy Reid and Michael Vick, and purposely lose the rest of your games so you would get a pretty high, good draft pick?

Just imagine the Eagles without Vick and Reid. It’s hard to picture right? It might sound crazy, but it actually could be a reasonable possibility.

Should the Eagles purposely lose out the rest of their games,  get rid of Reid and Vick, so they would receive a pretty high draft pick and rebuild this team?

There are several pros and cons to a decision like this. It is an extremely risky move, no doubt about that, but it could be worth it. Tanking would be very disrespectful to the fans, but it might end up in a good reward.

The Eagles have fallen to a disappointing record of 3-6, and their play-off hopes look to be over after losing to their division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, in a horrible loss. It seems to look like Reid will be fired soon, and Vick is out with a concussion, and possibly going to lose his starting quarterback job to Nick Foles.

If Reid does get fired, the big question is, who will be the next head coach? Many rumors have been swarming around, featuring names such as Jon Gruden. The Eagles have to be very careful in finding their next head coach though, because it must be the perfect fit for the Eagles to have a successful season.

In my opinion, I think it’s time for Reid to go, and I never felt that Vick was the right fit in Philadelphia. If the Eagles purposely lose the rest of their games, they could draft a pretty good quarterback, such as a Matt Barkley. A move like this, would bring much needed energy and excitement to Eagles fans, just like bringing in Luck and Griffin did to Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins fans. The Eagles could build around a new quarterback center piece, whether that be Foles, an athlete with a lot of potential and talent, or a new quarterback, such as Barkley, as I mentioned before. Then, hopefully fix the other problems on this team, including the defense and offensive live.

Just imagine the Eagles without Vick and Reid, and having a new quarterback, bringing excitement to the city of Philadelphia.


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