The Titans have four very important Division games left this Season

By Stephanie Umek
Darius Reynaud against Dolphins
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Unfortunately this isn’t a situation that the Tennessee Titans are new to. Last year they ran into the same problem. But if they fix things now, while on a good run, they can avoid needing the help of many other teams in the NFL to reach the playoffs.

The Titans have six games left in the regular season. This includes two games against the Jacksonville Jaguars, one game against the Indianapolis Colts and one game against the Houston Texans. All four of these games are very important to determine the placement of the Titans when it comes mid-January.

As of right now during the Bye week the Titans sit at a scary 4-6 record. But with divisional wins against these teams, playoffs could still be in their future this season. A win against the Texans is going to be hard to do. Not only is Houston a definite playoff contender, but many are predicting to see them in the Super Bowl already.

As for the Colts and the Jaguars though, those are two teams that the Titans are able to beat. Jacksonville has not had a good season at all and I know that the last time the Colts and Titans met, it left some Titans extremely upset.

You see, the Titans were able to outlast the Colts on October 28th. In fact the Colts and Titans went back and forth with points during the game until of course the Colts grabbed the winning touchdown in overtime.

Maybe the Titans just like a change of scenery every now and again. They went on a little winning streak when Jake Locker was first hurt, and now that he is healthy again and back in the game verses Matt Hasselbeck, the team seems to be doing well. All I can say is this team is not going to make the playoffs with a record under .500.

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