Tim Tebow is Not the Answer to Any Question About the New York Jets

By Christopher Gamble


Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Tim Tebow is the subject of all of the talk coming out of Florham Park these days with the New York Jets and whether or not he should be named the starter for the rest of the season.

The simple answer is no. Tebow should not be named starter for the New York Jets now, or next year. It is quite obvious at this point that the Jets problems extend beyond the quarterback position. It doesn’t help that Mark Sanchez has been wildly inconsistent or that his best target, Santonio Holmes, is out for the year and Stephen Hill has been nursing injuries and still has a lot of work to do. It doesn’t help that the Jets running game has been as inconsistent as their passing game either.

If the Jets were to suddenly decide Tebow was their starter then that would mean a complete shift in how the offense is run. Now is not the time to make that switch. The personnel isn’t there to run what would essentially be a college-type offense.

There is no miracle cure. If the Jets believe a quarterback change is necessary then they should see what Greg McElroy has to offer in a game. However, that wouldn’t be a wise choice either. The Jets offense is toothless right now. There are a ton of reasons for that ranging from Sanchez to injuries to Shonn Greene and the running game. No one person is responsible unless one wants to hold GM Mike Tannenbaum responsible.

Tannenbaum has done nothing in the past couple of seasons to maintain the success from the back-to-back AFC title game appearances. He focused on bringing in aging veterans like LaDainian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor and squeezed the last bit of football out of them. However, he never was able to replace them and now the Jets are so unattractive to free agents it might be a while before the Jets can rebuild totally.

If a rebuild happens it should not be done around Tebow. That would require a complete overhaul of the offense. That makes no sense.

Mark Sanchez has shown he can be a good quarterback, at least along the lines of being a game manager like Alex Smith. There is some talent but the Jets have not supported Sanchez by giving him weapons on offense that he can depend upon. The Jets need to rethink their personnel and start bringing in guys with talent, but more importantly, guys who put team first.

I’m not saying Sanchez is the answer at quarterback but if the question is who is better, Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez then the answer most definitely is Sanchez.

The Jets’ issues, however, go well beyond quarterback and those need to be addressed before a quarterback is brought in and it starts in the culture of the locker room. It all starts with Rex Ryan and the culture he has allowed to develop with the Jets.

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