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10 NFL Coordinators Ready to be Fired

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These Coordinators Shouldn't have a Job with Their Team


There are a lot of reasons a team can lose a game. Sometimes the defense doesn’t play well, sometimes the offense is slow. However, it’s not just about the players at times. They are told what to do. Coaches sometimes are at fault as well. Whether it’s not calling the right play, not playing to their strengths, or not utilizing a player to the best of their ability.

As fans, we often don’t realize that the players don’t call the shots. The defensive or offensive unit can play their positions perfectly and still get burned for a big play. The Coordinators on this list are strictly offense and defense. Special teams is a big part of the game, but it often goes unnoticed because it is so routine. A field goal is supposed to be made, the team is supposed to start in between the 20 and 30 yard line on a kick return.

Offense and defense are what fans come to the game to watch, so when a team does not perform well those players and coaches are the first to be criticized. Justly so, they are on the field for most of the time. Most of the time, a coordinator calls the plays. So, when you get frustrated that your team runs a draw play that goes for 5 yards on a third and long, blame them. Although it is the right call.

Coordinators are often playing the odds. However, sometimes they just guess wrong. Here are the 10 coordinators in the league that seem to be doing the most guessing and are ready to be fired, enjoy

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Oakland Raiders' Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver


The Oakland Raiders are currently 30th in the league in scoring defense. They just can't seem to keep any team out of the end zone. Over the past two games the Raiders have given up 97 points. If that doesn't heat up Defense Coordinator Jason Tarver's seat, I don't know what will. This is his first season as a coordinator, and it looks like it will be his last. The Raiders defense is the problem, so a change needs to be made, either now, or at the end of the season. My suggestion is at the end of the season. The Raiders are 3-6 at the moment and they do not have a legitimate chance at making the playoffs, so letting Tarver keep his job now will not effect this team.

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Dallas Cowboys' Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan


Dallas Cowboys' Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan is not meshing with QB Tony Romo. The quarterback is having probably the worst season of his career and the Cowboys are not winning as many games as they should. The Cowboys' offense has a lot of weapons that are not being used to the fullest of their potential. The Cowboys are not scoring points. They are ranked 22nd in the league in that particular category and should be in the top 5. Callahan will need to show Owner/GM Jerry Jones what he has in the final 7 games of the season, or he is going to be looking for work.

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Carolina Panthers' Offensive Coordinator Rob Chudzinski


The Carolina Panthers set a whole mess of offensive statistical records last season. Mostly because of QB Cam Newton. Offense coordinator Rob Chudzinski is stuck in the middle of a sophomore slump. The Panthers will be ready to make a move if Chudzinski's offense does not improve. Teams have him figured out, just like Newton, who is also in the middle of a slump. The Panthers' offense is 17th in the league in scoring. With a defense as bad as theirs, they are going to have to do a better job. The defense just does not have the personal to play at a high level and that is not the coordinators fault. This offense does, so Chudzinski's seat is warm.

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Kansas City Chiefs' Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll


Somebody needs to take the reigns from the Kansas City Chiefs' offensive coordinator. The Chiefs have a negative 20 turnover margin. That usually means a team is bad. Brian Daboll's offense just can not hang onto the ball. There needs to be a change in Kansas City. Head Coach Romeo Crennel has already given up his duties as defensive coordinator. He recognized that he was not able to get the job done. The Chiefs know Daboll is not effective. Their 1-8 record shows it. Daboll's seat is on fire. He will not be able to put it out.

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Jacksonville Jaguars' Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker


The Jacksonville Jaguars are all around bad. Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker is in his fourth season at his position and is not doing what you might call a "good job". The Jaguars are giving up an average of 27.3 points per game. They do not have enough good players to be competitive in any aspect of the game. The team won't for some time. This maybe the last year for Tucker. It's time for the Jaguars to clean house. Don't worry, I'm fair, Tucker will not be the only coordinator on this team to be relieved of his duties.

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Arizona Cardinals' Offensive Coordinator Mike Miller


The Arizona Cardinals are one of the worst teams in football right now. They have lost 5 games in a row and it's sad because this could be a great football team with a few more good players. Cardinals' offensive coordinator Mike Miller has failed to work with Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt to make adjustments. The Cardinals have been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I have said this before, but that is absolutely insane. The Cardinals do not have the offensive line, running back, or quarterback to play the way they are attempting to play. The entire Arizona coaching staff may be gone at the end of the season.

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Jacksonville Jaguars' Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski


I told you I was fair. The Jaguars' offense is just as terrible as their defense. Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski has not done a great job of playing to the strengths of QB Blaine Gabbert. The Jaguars organization is a mess and I wouldn't be surprised if they were shipped off to Los Angeles in a few years. The Jaguars are in a race with the Chiefs to see who get the first round draft pick. This team will not replace any of their coaches mid season. The good news, if the Jaguars are really looking to clean house, Maurice Jones-Drew will be a great piece of bait in the trading market.

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New York Jets' Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano


New York Jets' Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano is one of the biggest names on this list. He has failed to overcome the media circus that is QB Tim Tebow. The Jets had a big loss early in the season on defense and because of that their offense has needed to score more points. They have not. Head Coach Rex Ryan is on the hot seat along side the former Miami Dolphins' head coach. The Jets cannot seriously think about starting Tebow this year, but the fans sure want them to give it a try. Sparano will have to show the organization something to keep his job if Ryan is fired.

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Cleveland Browns' Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress


The Cleveland Browns are not terrible, but they are experiencing some growing pains. Their rookie quarterback and young running back are still adjusting to life in the NFL. Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress just chose the wrong team. The Browns are a team that is annually in the bottom ten in the league and this year is no different. Childress and Sparano might be the only coaches on this list that would benefit from losing their job. There is a lot of teams that would be chomping at the bit to get a piece of them. Childress's numbers are not that great and the Browns just need to go in a different direction.

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Tennessee Titans' Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray


The Tennessee Titans are last in the league in terms of scoring defense. Other teams currently average just north of 31 points per game. Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray is ready to be fired. I wouldn't be surprised if he was waiting by the phone right now. Their defense is so bad it is quite amazing that old man Matt Hasselbeck was able to win a couple of good games this season. The Titans have a bright future, but I do not think Gray will be apart of the it.