Atlanta Falcons will not miss Ray Edwards

By Ken Grace
Josh D. Weiss–US Presswire

Earlier in the week the Atlanta Falcons decided to cut Ray Edwards from the team after what has been a disappointing stint with the team.

Since Thomas Dimitroff took over as general manager of the Falcons, this is the only mistake he has made in terms of selecting personnel for the team. Edwards was signed to a five year $30 million contract, $11 million which was guaranteed after racking up 16.5 sacks in his last two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

In his first season with Atlanta Edwards picked up only 3.5 sacks and through nine games this season, he only has nine tackles. Some say the emergence of Kroy Biermann led to his Edwards’ demise as a Falcon and that his productivity as a Viking was due to having Jared Allen as a teammate.

On the other hand, Ray Edwards seemed more interested in posing nude for testicular cancer, which is a great cause, becoming a fashion model and developing his own line of clothing than actually playing football. There is nothing wrong with that except that it is not going to help you keep a job in the NFL.

At any rate, Edwards better hope can sell enough of those $8 calendars of his to help him get by until another team decides to take a chance on him.

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