Dallas Cowboys Fullback Lawrence Vickers Wants Bragging Rights Against Cleveland Browns

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Dallas Cowboys fullback Lawrence Vickers played five seasons for the Cleveland Browns and when he goes up against his former team on Sunday, he wants bragging rights. He also says this game is “personal.”

“It’s personal, why wouldn’t it be?” Vickers said after Thursday’s practice. “If anybody tells you it ain’t never personal when they playing their old team they’re lying to you. It’s always personal. They just keep it quiet. Of course it’s personal.”

Vickers was drafted by the Browns in the sixth round of the 2006 draft and played for Cleveland until last year, when he signed with the Houston Texans. In his first season with the Cowboys, Vickers hasn’t had the impact many people thought he might. He’s gained 57-yards on nine touches but Vickers was brought in to open up holes for the Cowboys running backs behind him. So far, the entire Cowboys offensive line, as well as Vickers, are still struggling to get the running game going.

This maybe the type of game where Vickers is motivated enough to blow people up and pave the way for whoever carries the ball. Vickers views the Browns organization as family and he wants bragging rights. “Whenever you play against family you want bragging rights.”

If Vickers wants bragging rights, he has to hope he can get onto the field first; he was a limited participant in practice again on Thursday but the Cowboys are hoping he’ll play.

Playing against a former team affects people in different ways and it looks like Vickers is very excited for the game against the Browns. Hopefully he’ll get those bragging rights.

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