Former Bears Coach Mike Ditka Suffers Minor Stroke

By Patrick Schmidt

Former NFL head coach and longtime ESPN commentator Mike Ditka has what doctors are describing as a minor stroke on Friday.

Ditka reportedly is in good spirits, and he has voiced that he doesn’t think his minor stroke is that big of a deal.

However, it could have been a major deal had ‘Da Coach’ not gone to the hospital to get treatment for his symptoms as soon as he did when he started experiencing issues with his hands while playing cards and difficulty speaking.

It is believed that Ditka will not be on the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown.

Ditka has shown incredible resiliency when faced with health setbacks in the past. He once suffered a heart attack in 1988 when he was head coach of the Chicago Bears but was back on the job within a week.

The Hall of Fame tight end won Super Bowl XX with the Bears and has been an icon to the city ever since he was carried off the field in New Orleans. He has been a fixture in the Chicago media and national media even since his coaching-career ended.

Ditka is on the Mount Rushmore of Chicago sports royalty with the likes of Michael Jordan, Walter Payton and Ernie Banks.

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