Jacksonville Jaguars Plan To Use More No-Huddle To Boost Offense

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars No Huddle

The Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff and players are looking for any sort of spark to boost their stagnant offense over the final seven games of the season.

That boost may come in the form of the no-huddle offense that the Jaguars offense has used sparingly, but to some level of success so far this season. So far, the Jaguars have only used the no-huddle late in the game when they needed quick scores to get back into games in which they were being blown out.

The Jaguars then decided to use the no-huddle on seven of their final eight drives during their 27-10 home loss to the Indianapolis Colts. While the points did not pile up in that game, the Jaguars were able to accumulate 300 passing yards and they looked quite comfortable running the no-huddle.

The players seem to like the up-tempo style of the no-huddle offense as well.

“You see it; we feel it,” wide receiver Laurent Robinson said. “We feel confidence in it — we can move the ball, we can throw it around, run it and we’re clicking.”

However, there are some downsides to an offense as inept as the Jaguars to running the no-huddle offense. Going three and out while running the no huddle puts a tremendous amount of strain on your defense, and the Jaguars defense is not good enough to withstand being put on the field for more time than they need to be.

The Jaguars are going into this Sunday’s game as 16-point road underdogs to the Houston Texans, so the no-huddle may be necessary to have any sort of chance to stay in the game.

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