New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan Continues Role As Circus Ringmaster

By Harry Dole


New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan
New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan should be concerned that his circus act is starting to wear thin on fans. Stew Milne – USPRESSWIRE


New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan has issues…major issues.  His thin underachieving team is 3-6, his putrid offense has scored one offensive touchdown in eight weeks, his slump ridden quarterback cannot hit the side of a barn and his once prized defense is ranked 30th against the rush.  In other words, there is plenty of work to do, but very little time to do it in.

So what does Ryan do when he is asked about some anonymous Jets ripping into quarterback Tim Tebow?  A guy who has yet to play a full series of downs with the team?  He perpetuates the circus atmosphere by first acknowledging the question and then calling the anonymous players cowards.  Can you imagine a Chuck Noll or a Bud Grant even acknowledging such a ridiculous question?  Noll or Grant would have frozen the reporter in mid-sentence with their trademark icy stares.

Why does Ryan even continue to tolerate and perpetuate such nonsense which has nothing to do with the business of winning football games?  Do these anonymous Jets who allegedly made the comments about Tebow even exist?  And if they do, why does Ryan even care what they have to say about a guy who has been given as much opportunity to help the team as a designated place kick holder?

It is downright baffling as to why Ryan does not attempt to put an end to this carnival atmosphere by nipping such idiocy in the bud.  The fact that he continues to create headlines by responding to such nonsense is downright weird.  Does he feel that by perpetuating this irrelevant drivel, he is helping the team and his coaching legacy?

About a week or so ago NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath made a very telling statement about the Jets not being honest to their fans about the PSLs and about Tebow.  The more that Ryan continues to keep the carnival in town, the more Namath’s comments ring true.  It has reached the point where one can even suspect the Jets themselves of planting these stories to keep the Tebow drama in full swing.

Ryan continues to stick to the outdated “script” by stating Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez gives the team the best chance to win.  For one, I would be interested to know why Ryan thinks that a quarterback with a 52% completion percentage and a 70.4 passer rating gives the Jets the best chance to win.

Looking at the stat board, you cannot go much lower than Sanchez.  When a rookie starter such as Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins is surpassing your quarterback by 14% in completion percentage, it may be time to ditch the banal “script” and stop making a fool of yourself.  And even if being honest does cost Ryan his job, at least he can go out with his head held high.

Nobody respects a yes man; especially one who is being dishonest and continues to feed his fans stale garbage which is beginning to stink.  Ryan needs to show some balls and come out swinging and tell it like it is.  Not only will his fans respect him for it, but so will his players.

The side show is over – it is time for Rex Ryan the ringmaster to pack his tent and take a hike and Rex Ryan the football coach to finally show up.  What is the worst that can happen?  It cannot be any worse than having your grave slowly dug by the guy who DOES NOT give you the best chance to win.

It was showman and scam artist P.T. Barnum who said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”  Unfortunately for Ryan and the organization, those suckers are not Jet fans.

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