New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson Holds A Wiener Roast

By Harry Dole


Rex Ryan Woody Johnson Mike Tannenbaum New York Jets
New York Jets three stooges are looking to the heavens for answers. Kirby Lee – USPRESSWIRE


After receiving a deluge of criticism aimed at him and his team for their poor performance this season, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson came out of hibernation to try his hand at some damage control.  Since the criticism has the potential to affect the Jets’ bottom line, it was time for the top dog to take center stage and speak his piece.

Johnson stated that Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum has the final call on all football decisions.  Do Johnson and Tannenbaum share a joint bank account also?

When asked about the Tim Tebow trade, Johnson stated, “You guys have been accusing me, this phony story of me being more concerned with PSLs or cash or something else. My job – one, two and three — is to win games. That’s why I got into this to begin with. It’s to win games. … It’s not to sell PSLs or to sell hot dogs.”

On March 12, 2012, the Jets signed quarterback Mark Sanchez to a three year contract extension.  Nine day later, on March 21, immediately after the Denver Broncos signed quarterback Peyton Manning, the Jets acquired Tebow via trade.  Rather odd timing to trade for a quarterback right after you give your #1 quarterback a contract extension.

Is the ill-advised Tebow acquisition the brainchild of a General Manager who knows what he is doing or an owner who does not know what he is doing and desperately trying to generate interest in his team to sell PSLs, which up until that time he had trouble selling?  It looks like Woody is firing up the bus for Tannenbaum.

Johnson commended his team for staying close in “every game” even though they have been blown out by a combined score of 119-26 in four losses.  Yep, they stayed close enough for their fans to disappear by early in the third quarter.

Johnson states he is more concerned with winning games than selling PSLs.  Exactly how does he expect to pay for his share of the extremely expensive $1.6 billion MetLife Stadium if it is not his main priority to sell PSLs?  I know Johnson is a wealthy man, but not that wealthy.

With regards to his comment about selling hot dogs, it is refreshing to know that Johnson does not plan to dress up like the Oscar Meyer Weiner and sell hot dogs, because that is what he truly [does not] want to be.  Besides, there are enough wieners on the Jets roster this season.

When speaking about mistakes the team has made, Johnson said something about foot-faults.  Hmmm?  Wieners and foot-faults; now that is something Jets head coach Rex Ryan may be able to relate to.

Judging by his odd comments, Johnson should have stayed in hibernation.

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