QB Tim Tebow Is Not A Terrible Player, Just A Terrible NFL Quarterback

By Mark Stringer
Debby Wong – US Presswire

New York Jets QB Tim Tebow recently spoke out about the negative comment made by a unnamed teammate that he is “terrible.” As usual, Tebow spoke with his normal grace and kindness, but you could tell he was frustrated by the comments. He also made it clear he wasn’t going to try to find out which teammate made the comment.

First I would like to say that teammates should never make these kind of comments towards each other and if they do they should be punished by the team.

I also believe that Tebow is an awful NFL quarterback, but is an above-average athlete and an amazing teammate and leader. He is a player that all teams should want on their roster for the right price, but not as the starting or backup quarterback.

Tebow should be a third-string QB, wildcat specialist and maybe play some fullback or tight end in certain formations. He should also be on the field during special teams formations such as punts, fake punts, field goals, fake field goals, hands team, onside kicks, etc.

Now let’s get to the awful quarterback part. No one in their right mind would call this guy a good NFL QB. Let’s just take a look at his stats as a Denver Broncos starter last season: Tebow threw for 1,729 yards, 12 touchdowns, six interceptions with a 46.5% completion rate.

Yes, Tebow had some big plays and did quite a lot on his feet by rushing for 660 yards and six touchdowns, but a running QB should be able to complete a couple big plays down the field just like he was able to do. Some of those big plays ended up winning games for the Broncos.

Tebow’s run as a starting QB for the Broncos was pretty miraculous as he was able to lead the Broncos to six straight victories that included five games that were won by one touchdown or less. Then they ended the regular season by losing the last three games that included two blowout games against the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills and one loss to the very weak Kansas City Chiefs by the score of 7-3 while playing against former Broncos QB Kyle Orton, who Tebow replaced.

These games were followed by a decent performance by Tebow in a playoff victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow threw for 316 yards and two touchdowns in the win although more than half of his passes fell incomplete. The stats were inflated by an 80-yard touchdown pass in overtime to WR Demaryius Thomas that won the game for the Broncos. The route was a simple slant that Thomas took to the house.

As a QB, Tebow would always give his team a chance to win, but to do so there would have to be an amazing play at the end every time. You can’t depend on that in the NFL and feel good about your QB play from week to week.

Tebow’s passing numbers were not good, but his touchdown-to-interception ratio was decent because he does everything possible to not throw an interception even when that takes away a chance for his guy to make a play as well. I watched several Broncos games last season and tons of passes hit the ground in front of Tebow’s receivers. He’s afraid to become a quality player and I think it is mostly because he is not a good QB.

Here is the bottom line: Tebow has a ton of heart and hard work in him, but that doesn’t always translate into solid QB play on the field. He’s a good player. I would love to have him on my team, but at the right cost and the right position. I wouldn’t want him near the starting QB position and I would let the fans know it early before the Tebowmania got too wild.


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