Ten NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat Through Week 10

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Ten NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat Heading into Week 11

Ten NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat Heading into Week 11
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We are halfway through another NFL season, and for many teams and their fans, the hopeful expectations once held in the pre-season have already crashed and burned, leaving players, fans, coaches, and owners once again looking ahead to next year. But for some of those coaches, there may not be a next year-at least with their current teams.

Through 10 weeks of play so far this year, we can already begin to make some guesses as to which coaches will be back and which ones will be asked to leave.

There are some coaches sitting on the hot seat that would need a miracle for them to be asked back next season. For others, though they still have a fighting chance, their seats are getting warmer and warmer by the week as the losses continue to pile up.

Some may argue, and I agree, that in today’s NFL coaches aren’t given enough time to come in and make the necessary changes to get their teams turned around. In fact, the average tenure of an NFL coach today is just 3.25 years. That’s not a lot of time, but fair or not, that's the way it is these days.

The coaching carousel is spinning out of control. Owners aren’t patient and neither are the fans. Therefore, if a coach doesn’t come in and start racking up wins immediately, they won’t be around for very long.

Through 1o weeks, Rant Sports takes a look at which coaches likely won’t be back next season, and which ones are starting, or should be starting, to feel the heat.

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Andy Reid

Charles LeClaire:US Presswire

It's almost a certainty that Andy Reid, the NFL's longest tenured coach, won't be back with the Philadelphia Eagles next season. Since his first year with the team in 1999, Reid has become the winningest coach in franchise history, leading the Eagles to six NFC East titles and one NFC Division title.

Despite all this, Reid's team the last two seasons has vastly underperformed despite tremendous talent. This year, his team is sitting at 3-6, and things don't appear to be looking up any time soon.

To be fair, I don't know how much blame should be placed on Reid himself, but it is probably best for both parties if the two part ways. It's been a tough couple of years for Reid, both on and off the field, but I have a feeling he will land on his feet; the change of scenery will likely do him so good.

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Norv Turner

Kirby Lee: US Presswire

It would be hard to imagine a scenario that would involve Norv Turner returning to San Diego Chargers next season.

In his first three seasons with the team, Norv led the Chargers to the post-season. Since then, however, there have been three straight years of post-season misses and his teams seem to be going backward rather than forward.

Now, his Chargers are 4-5 and have had some big, embarrassing losses this year. I expect that Norv's days in Southern California are numbered with no end to the status quo in sight for his team.

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Romeo Crennel

Kirby Lee: US Presswire

Prior to the season, it was believed that the Kansas City Chiefs would likely be the favorites to win their division, but now they are sitting at 1-8 and competing for the worse record in the NFL.

Romeo Cremmel has yet to spend an entire season in Kansas City, taking over towards the end of last year as the interim coach, but again, there isn't a lot of patience in the NFL these days.

For a team that had high hopes at the beginning of the year, his team is playing terrible football, and though he may get one more season to try and turn things around (which he should considering it's been just half a season technically), it's hard to imagine that he will be able to do so.

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Ron Rivera

Mike DiNovo: US Presswire

It's just Ron Rivera's second season with the Carolina Panthers, but many fans are already calling for him to be gone. After Cam Newton's rookie season last year, it looked like the Panthers would be poised to make some noise this year, but instead, they have won just two games and don't seem to be making any progress.

Add to that the fact that the Panthers recently fired general manager Marty Hurley, so most believe that the new GM will want to bring in his own guy, so it looks like time is closing in on Rivera as well.

Though he probably deserves one more season, it's unlikely that he will get the chance with a new GM in town.

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Pat Shurmur

David Richard: US Presswire

Although the Cleveland Browns are used to losing seasons (sorry, but is anyone really going to argue?), Pat Shurmur's record with the team is 6-19. One would believe, since it's only his second season in Cleveland, that Shurmur would be given another year; however, with new owner Jimmy Haslam coming in and making changes, including Mike Holmgren's exit at the season's end, it would seem that the next man out of town will be Shurmur himself. Haslam has stated that he could keep Shurmur around, providing the team is "headed in a positive direction," but does he mean it?

He's one that could use another season, but may not have the opportunity.

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Jason Garrett

Tim Heltman: US Presswire

Dallas Cowboys fans are not patient people, and they have been calling for Jerry Jones's head for over a decade. Since they can't get rid of him, however, their angst is usually directed at the next person in line; in this case, that's Jason Garrett.

Garrett is in his 3rd season (though not full season) as the Cowboys' head-coach, but his team is struggling, sitting at 4-5-0 so far. His teams simply don't play smart football, and it seems to be getting worse, not better. Most of their mistakes seem to be to a lack of discipline and that falls back on the coach.

I would not be surprised to see Garrett back in Dallas next season, however, as Jones seems to like him. And if truth be told, the Cowboys' issues stem from the owner, not the coach. Regardless, Garrett's time is certainly running out, but Jerry Jones's stubbornness could be the thing that saves him for a bit longer.

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Chan Gailey

Andrew Weber: US Presswire

The Buffalo Bills are never expected to finish at the top of the NFL rankings, but this year, the expectations were higher than usual. However, 10 weeks in, and the Bills have just four wins, all of them coming against teams with losing records.

Chan Gailey has been in Buffalo for just 2.5 years, and in that time he has yet to finish better than 4th in his division.

It's unclear how long the Bills will keep Gailey around, but it would be better for him if his team was at least headed in the right direction, and honestly, it doesn't appear to be the case. I think he gets another year, but after that, all bets are off.

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Rex Ryan

Rob DeChiara: US Presswire

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson seems to like Rex Ryan, but you have to feel that though Ryan may not necessarily be on the hot seat, it has to be at least getting quite warm.

To be fair, there aren't a lot of people that could handle the circus surrounding Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez and right now, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Ryan is losing control.

Will it cost Ryan his job? Who knows. Perhaps this will serve as a wake up call, but he better turn things around quickly, or he won't be with the Jets much longer.

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Mike Shanahan

Mike Shanahan
Jeff Curry: US Presswire

The Washington Redskins, led by outstanding rookie Robert Griffin III, looked like they would be the team to beat this season, but now, they are just 3-6 on the year and it doesn't appear they will right the ship anytime soon.

When Mike Shanahan came to Washington 2.5 years ago, many thought that he would be exactly what the franchise needed to start winning again. However, his teams have finished last in the division the last two years and appear to be on the same road this season. Shanahan is an abysmal 14-27 in his tenure with the Redskins.

I don't think Snyder will get rid of Shanahan after this season, but if he can't start winning with RG3, I am not sure he will be able to get it done in Washington. Though not necessarily on the hot seat, it's getting much warmer for Shanahan.

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Marvin Lewis

Jake Roth: US Presswire

While Marvin Lewis has done a lot for the Cincinnati Bengals since his career with them began in 2003, it's time for him to prove that he can take them to the next level, but the time for that is running out.

The Bengals are 73-79-1 under Lewis, and this season they are 4-5-1.

Since 2003, Lewis has yet to win a playoff game, and has garnered just two division titles. His teams also have yet to have back-to-back winning seasons (though he has several .500 years).

Again, I think Lewis has done a tremendous amount for the Bengals, but he doesn't seem to be able to take them to the next level. He may get another chance, but honestly, if he hasn't gotten them over the hump at this point, it's not likely that he will.