5 NFL Quarterbacks I’d Like to See Cry

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Which NFL Player Would you Like to See Cry?


Let me start off by saying I want these players to cry, but not from injury or a non-related football reason. I want to see these players cry because they lost the big game and it was all their fault. Maybe because they threw and interception with the game tied with playoff hopes on the line, or maybe because they lost after giving everything they had and it wasn't enough.

Some of these player have no reason to cry. They have at least a couple of rings on their hand, or like in one case, they can literally do anything they want and still make the Hall of Fame. The end game in the NFL is to win the big one at all costs. No excuses. The game is about winning. The NFL is a business and if you don't win, you have a failing business.

These five players have upset me over the years and I would enjoy watching them cry. Some of these player just think they are better than everyone, and some of them the media makes out to be better than they are. Others I just have an irrational bias against them and wish nothing but failure for the rest of their NFL career.

I'll admit this is not the friendliest of articles, but since these players get paid to play the game I can be as harsh as I want. Like I said before I do not wish injury on these players. Just miserable failiure. Here are 5 quarterbacks in the NFL that I would like to see cry for one reason or another, enjoy.

Honorable Mention: Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger, New York Jets Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow

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Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo


Dallas Cowboys' QB Tony Romo is enjoying his worst season in the NFL. The Cowboys are under 500 with loads of talent and it makes me laugh. I hope they bounce back from this current funk and miss the playoffs by one game at the very end of the season by losing to the Washington Redskins. My dream is to see the camera pan over just in time to see Romo shed a few tears over a loss in game he threw 4 interceptions and fumbled the ball twice. This of course is a dream, and the Cowboys could lose the rest of their games and in my book it would be just about the same.

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Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler


Chicago Bears' QB Jay Cutler is one of those guys that never looks happy when he is playing the game. It's only natural that I would like to see him embarrass himself further by crying on national TV. He does get paid to play professional football and most fans would do a lot weird stuff for that chance. Cutler is a good quarterback in the NFL and this makes me sad. What would make me happy is to see him get to the Super Bowl in dominant fashion and get down early. He would then throw 5 touchdown passes in the second half to bring his team back only to lose on a missed field goal my Robbie Gould. This is quite elaborate, but bringing somebody to the point of glory and then failing is the best way to make somebody cry.

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New England Patriots' Tom Brady


How can you bring a man down with three Super Bowl rings? Well, this one is a little tougher. I don't hate New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, but I like to see people fall who seem so sure of themselves. The best way to do this? I understand that it contradicts the last person on this list, but I hope Brady makes it to the next 3 Super Bowls and fails to win. I don't care who he loses to, but I do want him to lose and by very few points the next three years. I would also like to see Head Coach Bill Belichick get caught for cheating again, but that is a whole different conversation. Losing the big game for Brady three more times is the only way he is going to break down, it's unfortunate, but his tears would bring a smile to my face.

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San Diego Chargers' Philip Rivers


San Diego Chargers' QB Philip Rivers is one of those guys that you find yourself hating for no reason. He has played well over the past few seasons, but he just doesn't seem to want to win the big game. He is in the middle of one of his worst seasons as a pro and this could be a good time for him to change scenery. Until then, I hope to see a camera guy take a snap shot of him crying that turns into the next big meme. For Rivers, it doesn't have to be winning the big game. He is always an interception from breaking down.

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New York Giants' Eli Manning


New York Giants' QB Eli Manning is a player that I have an irrational bias against. I think he is an insult away from breaking down into tears at all times, but then again that could just be his face. The worst part about Eli is that he has one more ring than his brother, Denver Broncos' QB Peyton Manning. Although Eli has more rings, he will always be looking up at his brother for the best quarterback in NFL history. Hopefully, people get it right and make sure it's a long way up. Either way, if people ever start seriously comparing Eli to Peyton I think I might cry. The younger Manning has more bad games in a season than Peyton has had in his entire career.