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5 reasons the Arizona Cardinals need to trade for Michael Vick

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The Arizona Cardinals need Michael Vick


It’s widely known that the Arizona Cardinals have one of the worst offenses in the league. The Cardinals have a defense that is worthy of a playoff appearance, but an offense that would be middle of the pack in college. Of course I know that is an exaggeration and no single offense in college could compete with any offense in the NFL, but my point is made. They are bad.

The Cardinals are too good to sit on what they have. They need to trade for Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick. Yes, Vick does have a lot of money remaining on his contract, but that only means the Cardinals could probably get him for a mid round draft pick. A small price to pay for a possible 10-6, maybe even 11-5 record in the 2013 season. Also, keep in mind Vick has only played for teams with birds on their helmets. This probably doesn't hold any significance, but still worth mentioning.

There are many reasons the Cardinals need to think hard about trading for an athletic guy like Vick. He creates opportunities with his legs, and with his arm down the field that would benefit a few receivers on this team. The Cardinals need to take more shots down the field. They are just not doing that this year because their offensive line does not give the QBs time. Vick would make that time.

Vick is prone to injuries, but haven’t all the starting quarterbacks on this team sat out a few games due to an injury? It’s a risk, there is no denying that, but if the Cardinals want to be good now, it’s a risk that is worth taking. Here are 5 reasons the Cardinals should trade for Vick after the 2012 NFL season, enjoy.

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John Skelton is Terrible


It's pretty easy to rip on a guy who has failed to win a full game this season. QB John Skelton puts up numbers that shouldn't translate into the lopsided losses the Cardinals have suffered as of late. However, if you look at when he puts up the good numbers, its usually after Arizona has already lost. He just has not been able to go toe to toe with any other offense in the league this year and it's frustrating to watch. Vick is a guy that will create his own opportunities and he needs a fresh start. The Cardinals will get a better offensive line next season and will be able to use Vick effectively. This season the Cardinals started 4-0. They have lost 5 games in a row and wasted a good season. A good season is a terrible thing to waste.

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Vick Takes Pressure Off the Run Game


The Cardinals are last in the league in rushing offense. Bringing Vick in would change that. The Cardinals will get Beanie Wells back shortly, but with a guy like Vick playing under center the Cardinals offensive play book will probably triple. Opposing defenses will have to play both the Cardinals receivers and have Vick in the back of their minds. If the Cardinals were to trade for Vick, they just need to let him loose. Let him feel out opposing defenses and win the game with his legs and his ability to make better decisions than any quarterback the Cardinals have had, besides Kurt Warner, in at least the past 10 years.

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Vick Takes Some Pressure off the Offensive Line


This season the Cardinals offensive line has given up more sacks than any other team in the league by 12. That is a number that Arizona is not proud of, however next season LT Levi Brown will be back and that will change. Still, bringing in a guy like Vick, who is more athletic in his pinky toe than Kolb and Skelton combined, will be a good thing for the offensive line. It will be an adjustment, but when the Cardinals miss a blocking assignment or get beat, it won't automatically result in a sack like it does all too often now

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It would be hilarious to see Vick take Kolb's spot again

Kolb vs Vick

This is kind of mean, but still worth talking about. As far as I'm concerned the Kolb is still the starting quarterback for the Cardinals. It should be like that heading into the off season. If the Cardinals bring in Vick there is no doubt in my mind that he will beat Kolb out for a starting spot. I think this would be heartbreaking for Kolb and also quite funny. Having said that, if the Cardinals do trade for Vick it will be time to trade Kolb away. A team like the Jacksonville Jaguars or Kansas City Chiefs might be very interested to bring Kolb into their crumbling system.

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Larry Fitzgerald Deserves a Better Quarterback


Larry Fitzgerald is too good to be on the Cardinals. He knows it, his brother knows it, and most fans know it. Bringing Vick into the organization would be something the Cardinals could say is specifically for him. Vick will scramble and give Fitzgerald time to find soft spots in the defense, or just to simply run with him and get open. He has not been able to do that this year because the Cardinals do not have a quarterback that is built to play like that. Vick is on the backside of his career, but a move like this could once again bring the Cardinals and the quarterback himself back into prime time.