Another Road Game Might be what the New York Jets Need

By ryanvanhoover

After a week of the New York Jets bashing quarterback Tim Tebow and coach Rex Ryan claiming his team is united, the question is can the Jets put the drama behind them to play a good game? The Jets are on the road against the St.Louis Rams for a critical game to try to save their season. Quite a difference in teams, the Jets are a team imploding in front of our eyes and the Rams are playing hard with a first year coach trying to establish his program.

The fact that this a road game might be the best thing for the team because they are away from their own environment and away from distractions. If anything a road game will help the team to come together and settle their differences. The Jets will be together and if they can’t come together after the weeks they had then I don’t know what will bring them together. If this group is as united as Ryan says they are, then being away from their home setting will be good for them and show everybody this team isn’t as divided as we think.

The problem for the Jets is time is running out on them as every weeks passes. Here we are in the middle of November and this is where teams like to put their best foot forward to try to make a playoff push. The Jets will have a short week after this game so there won’t be a lot of time to dwell win or lose. Winning cures all things that go wrong for teams.


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