Are the New York Jets United?

By ryanvanhoover
USPRESSWIRE- Joe Nicholson

The New York Jets are never short on back page headlines. The team is struggling at 3-6 and now this week you have anonymous Jets players talking about quarterback Tim Tebow and how he is a joke. Now you have Jets coach Rex Ryan the next d ay after hearing about the players talking bad about Tebow, saying he is team united and  more together than ever.

Is Ryan really clueless or am I missing something? Look the team is 3-6 and everybody is frustrated and wants to find ways to get out of their funk. However when teammates are talking about another player in their own locker room in a negative ways as was the case this week about the Tebow situation, then you must have deeper problems in your locker room. I don’t how other players can’t hear this talk about another player specially with the social media we have now with facebook, twitter, etc. I don’t know where Ryan is coming up with this idea the team is united or maybe he just wants to tell everybody that the team is united just to humor us. Ryan tries to talk his way out of problems, but this one he can’t talk the team out of because players are bashing Tebow. When players start to air how they feel about other players on their own team there is a problem and Ryan clearly doesn’t get that.

When teams start to struggles you see some teams get frustrated and you hear some stuff about other players. This seems to be the case with the Jets, but this is what Ryan lets happen because he doesn’t mind his players talking. However when your players start talking about other players you have problems in your own house. I don’t know how Ryan is being so delusional about this.

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