NFL Draft 2013: Chance Warmack a Perfect Fit for Chicago Bears Mike Tice

By Dominique Blanton

Pick a position on the Chicago Bears offensive line and you can make a strong argument that they need help in that area. Lance Louis has been one of the few bright spots on the line this season. He has developed into a solid pass blocker, and is one of the better run blockers on the team.  J’Marcus Webb has played well since Jay Cutler ripped into him on the sideline in week two loss to the Green Bay Packers.

The most surprising thing this year from this offensive line unit is how they have struggle in run blocking considering the success they had in that department last year. You would think it would be even better with Gabe Carimi healthy, but the group hasn’t been consistent so far this season. Last week against the Houston Texans was one of their worst performances of the season, as the unit struggle to open up holes for running backs Matt Forte and Michael Bush.

The weaknesses starts in the interior line, as Center Roberto Garza has looked over-the-hill at times this season.  Chilo Rachal has the talent to be a good starter, but at times have mental lapses. Offensive coordinator Mike Tice could use a pure road grader inside of that line.

Ideal Prospect for the Bears: Chance Warmack Alabama

At 6-3 320 pounds, Warmack along with his teammate Center Barrett Jones are one of the main reasons for Alabama’s rushing success. Warmack is the type of powerful road grader the Bears are missing in Louis, Garza, and Rachal. Louis is not the type of linemen that can consistently win at the point of attack; he’s better blocking out in space when the Bears decide to pull their guards on outside runs.

A player like Warmack would allow the Bears to switch Louis to LG (where he could potentially be even better at), and pair Warmack with one of their better run blocking lineman Carimi. Inside runs have been a weakness of the Bears this season, but a talent like Warmack on that interior would a change in the right direction.

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