NFL Rumors: QB John Skelton will not get Another Shot to Start

By Kase Brammer


John Skelton Arizona Cardinals
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Arizona Cardinals‘ QB John Skelton is running out of time. QB Kevin Kolb will be back shortly, I’d like to think at the start of the December games. If Skelton is not able to show something in Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Cardinals will have no choice but to try  something new. Rookie QB Ryan Lindley is not the answer at the moment, but he could be if Skelton’s quarterback rating is not at least 80 this weekend.

Fans are tired of watching Skelton’s ineffective play. He is not winning games on a team that could be so much better. His record on the season as a starter stands at 1-3, but he was not responsible for that one victory. He just started a game that Kolb finished. He is also responsible for a loss that Kolb started and eventually went down with his rib injury.

This quarterback competition has not benefited the Cardinals in anyway. They have struggled with consistency that comes with the same starting quarterback all year. It’s not the Cardinals’ fault,  but not naming a quarterback until the first game of the season seemed to be a bad call in my book. Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt believed he was making the best decision and if Skelton would have played better in the season opener he would have been correct, but so far this season the Cardinals have seen nothing out of Skelton that resembles a franchise quarterback.

This might not be the last week Skelton has to start, but if he plays badly the Whisenhunt will have to keep him on a short leash heading into the November 25th game against the St. Louis Rams. Whisenhunt will make sure to work Lindley in with the first team and shouldn’t hesitate to put him in for a series if Skelton plays, well, like normal.

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