Talking Behind Tim Tebow's Back Cowardly

By ryanvanhoover

You had to figure sooner or later at some point this season players on the New York Jets would speak out about Tim Tebow. Let’s face it since the Jets traded for Tebow last April, he has gotten a lot of headlines and got a lot of the questions in training camp about how he is going to be used or is he going to challenge quarterback Mark Sanchez for the starting job. Now that the Jets are currently 3-6, the feeling is maybe the Jets should start Tebow because they have nothing to lose and should see if he could provide the team a spark and get them going on a roll. This doesn’t seem to be popular with the Jets players. This week anonymous Jet players came out and spoke about Tebow and saying different things, such as Tebow stinks, he’s a joke, the gimmick is laughable, ect.

The problem that I have with this is whether you like Tebow or not, don’t go behind his back and talk about him in the media when a question is asked. If a player has a problem with another player they should have their name acknowledged or just confront Tebow himself. It’s just cowardly and really shows a lack of class as a teammates. Whether you like or hate a teammate, you should respect that player because that’s your teammate and person you work with everyday. If you have a problem with this person keep it in house and don’t air your feelings or dirty laundry out. This whole thing is a mess and another back page headline headache the Jets don’t need for a team that has enough problems with their play on the field.

The Jets set themselves up for this when they traded for Tebow because  he gets a lot of attention with his faith and how he unconventionally plays quarterback and was successful last year. This isn’t Tebow’s fault all of this hype. He didn’t ask for all of this publicity. This is just hype from fans and the media because its a big story. Is Tebow a good quarterback or player? Its hard for me to say because I’m not making the calls on the field or see him day to day, but I do know its hard to make it in professional sports it takes a lot of hard work and that deserves your repect. For teammates to talk bad about him is classless and just they would tell Tebow how they feel.

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