Indianapolis Colts: Team Beats Themselves in 59-24 loss to New England

By Eric Smith

Don’t let the 59-24 score fool you. The New England Patriots didn’t win this game rather than the Indianapolis Colts losing it. It should have never came to this point where the Colts allowed the second most points in franchise history and the Patriots scoring the most ever.

This game came down to the Colts making rookie mistakes in ill-advised times.

Indianapolis threw three interceptions two of which returned for touchdowns and allowed a very bad punt return to give the Patriots 28 of their 59 points. Take those away and the Patriots have 31 points not 59. That makes this game much different and honestly the Colts would have won.

The mistakes were all on rookies and lack of execution. It wasn’t anything New England did. Don’t give them credit for anything. Sorry I’m not trying to sound like I’m crying either, but how can you give a team credit when all three interceptions landed in their players hands and a punt return for a touchdown went from Colts played failing to tackle? That’s nothing the Patriots did.

Fact is Indianapolis when executing far outplayed the Patriots. That’s something to at least take away from this game or lack there of.  They beat themselves. There’s no other way to describe this game.

Indianapolis took an early 14-7 lead and flexed their muscle mightily. That’s who the Colts are and who they’re going to be in the future. They’re not the team to commit four turnovers and make rookie mistakes. Fact is they’re young and this happens from time to time. But another fact is this is a playoff team and if they fix these mistakes they’re Super Bowl contenders.

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