New York Jets at St. Louis Rams: Is it Finally Tim Tebow Time?

By Mark Donatiello
Steven Bisig – US PRESSWIRE

The New York Jets were putting together quite a drive.  Tim Tebow was allowed to play more than one snap at a time, the ball was on the one yard line, and the best goal line finisher in football was going to score.  The Jets were going to take momentum in Seattle, win the game, and save the season.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

A false start backed the Jets to the six, which somehow meant Tim Tebow couldn’t be trusted.  Mark Sanchez entered the game, and all hope was lost.  Instead of a Tim Tebow touchdown plunge, the Jets went with a Sanchez pass toward the pylon that was picked off.  After the untimely interception, the Jets simply fell apart.  They were embarrassed by the Seattle Seahawks and the season took another step towards slipping away.

Things can’t get much worse for the New York Jets, so why not give Tim Tebow a chance?  Tebow never throws that interception to the flat last weekend, and Tebow likely gives the Jets the best chance to win.  Tim Tebow embodies everything the “ground and pound” Jets want to be.  He is certainly a better goal line quarterback on his worst day than Mark Sanchez will ever be.  As the Jets struggles continue, why not give another quarterback a chance?

If Rex Ryan continues to stick with Mark Sanchez, the St. Louis Rams may be the last opportunity where the quarterback decision can be remotely justified.  Chants for Tebow have already started, and after another miserable outing from Sanchez, the calls of disgruntled Jets fans may be well-founded.

The Rams are coming off an impressive moral victory, a tie with the San Francisco 49ers that they absolutely should have won.  Jeff Fisher cost the Rams a win with poor clock management.  The Rams head coach allowed a delay of game to turn a 53-yard kick into a 58-yard miss in overtime by not using his final timeout.

The Rams also used their timeouts in the final minute as they approached the end zone, leaving the Niners with plenty of time for a comeback drive to force overtime.  All things considered, the Rams should have won a game that featured multiple fake punts and missed overtime field goals.

At home, they’re the better team.

The Jets are fighting for their season, but there’s not much left to fight for.  Injuries have left the Jets with one of the weakest receiving corps in football.  The line is miserable, the running game has suffered, and Mark Sanchez is one of the least reliable starting quarterbacks in the NFL.  The Jets defense is old, their best player is out for the season, and they’re on the road.

There is no reason for the Rams to only be favored by three points.  They have a balanced attack led by a bruising rushing attack and a decent defense.  They’re motivated, and they’re home.  They also play a dysfunctional Jets team where the quarterback that gives them the best chance to win plays personal protector.  The Jets, much like this spread, don’t make sense right now.  I think the Rams will win this one at home.

Rams 27 – Jets 17

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