The Arizona Cardinals' Player of the Game is QB Matt Ryan

By Kase Brammer
Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals‘ lost. No surprise there. However, the manner in which they lost is something to be discussed. The Cardinals were able to intercept Atlanta Falcons‘ quarterback Matt Ryan 5 times. Those 5 interceptions earned him the trophy for Cardinals’ player of the game.

Ryan was intercepted three times in the first quarter, but Arizona was still only able to put up 13 points. The Cardinals offense is so awful they managed to complete 11 passes for 41 yards between two quarterbacks. Ryan literally threw to the Cardinals for more yards than John Skelton and Ryan Lindley combined. This is a new low for the Cardinals. You can applaud the defensive effort all you want, but fact is this Cardinals team has failed to win and that is the bottom line.

The Falcons QB takes home the hardware because he gave the best effort toward a Cardinals’ win. The best part about this game is Ryan, with his 5 interceptions, still finished with a better quarterback rating than Skelton. Lindley did not do much better, but at least the Cardinals finally made the change. Skelton is the furthest thing from a franchise quarterback since Ryan Leaf.

The Cardinals have lost 6 games in row. They get RB Beanie Wells back next week and QB Kevin Kolb will probably be back the following week. The Cardinals will not get another quarterback that will throw 5 interceptions. That was a fluke. If change is not made in the next couple of weeks Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt will have some difficult questions to answers. These last 6 games have been hard to watch, but at least for one week, we had a quarterback that wanted the Cardinals to win.

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