The Denver Broncos Are Very Good: It's OK to Say It!

By Joe Morrone


Denver Broncos’ fans are apparently getting picky, now. It’s no longer just enough to win; they have to win with style points. If you would have listened to some of the reaction shows that I did; you would have thought the Broncos had lost by three touchdowns to the San Diego Chargers. Was it a perfect game, of course not but the Broncos were never in danger of losing that football game.

According to some, the Broncos were awful on offense. They did miss some plays and Peyton Manning was a touch off all day, but let’s look at some numbers. For the fifth straight game, the Broncos scored 30 or more points. That’s never been done in the 52 year history of the team. Manning, on an off day, threw for 270 yards and three touchdowns. We should all have off days like that. The Broncos need to get more consistent on offense, especially when they play better teams, but let’s not act like they just scored 3 points at home versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Oh wait that actually happened, last season.

The other important note is the Chargers were desperate; Sunday was their last chance to save their season. It was the last chance for head coach, Norv Turner to save his job. It was the team’s last chance to make some kind of a run at the playoffs. Desperate teams often play well and the defense for the Chargers played very well. Despite their record, the Chargers do have a top ten defense and they played like it on Sunday.

As desperate as the Chargers were and even with the Broncos having an off day; the team in orange and blue walked out of the game with a commanding lead in the AFC West. The division race is over, the Broncos are in the playoffs and they are riding a five game winning streak. It’s ok to enjoy the ride!

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